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About us

               In the log splitter industry for more than 15 years,we specialize in developing and marketing fire-wood log splitters for garden  

              and outdoor use.For more than a decade, striving for technical innovation on log splitters development,our mission has been

              to provide high technology,superior quality,reasonable prices and excellent after-sales service to fully satisfy customers in most

              efficient and effective way.

               Our goal is to innovate and improve the functions and productivity of Lumber King log splitters for residential use in the garden.

                Try Lumber King log splitter and feel the new splitting in a time and money-saving way for your fire-wood splitting world.

                Fellotool Inc.

                Office Address:106 Madison Heights Blvd,Markham,ON L6C 2E3 Canada

                 Warehouse address: Brampton, ON, Canada;

                Phone: 800 390 6681