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                                                                       Shipping information

              1:  Freight Carrier  :      Vision Transportation

                   Warehouse  Address:     7659 Bramalea Road, Brampton,ON,Canada

                   Customer enquiry for tracking order : 1-800-558-4164

               2:  Gate lift service:   Due to the weight of gas log splitters, we provide customers option to order gate                                                       lift  for log splitters with a weight of over 110LBS.And it is requested  that 2-3                                                               people are at home with help.

                                                    These log splitters are usually shipped by semi-trucks and unloaded at freight                                                              terminal or loading docks.

                                                    When picking up at depot, the depots will load your log splitter.

                                                    If log splitetrs are home delivery,and if you have loading dock ,you needn't order                                                         lift gate service.If you don't have loading dock or fork lift, you have to order lift                                                           gate service.

                                                    Lift gate service charge: USD35.00;

                                                    Lift gate service -----A truck is equipped with hydraulic system to easily lower log                                                                                             splitters to ground from the truck.